Happier Lancashire

Feeling good with the five ways to mental wellbeing

The Happier Lancashire movement aims to boost happiness and increase awareness of the 5 ways to wellbeing. Bringing people together to share their stories of how introducing these simple actions into day to day life can make a big difference for you and those around you.

The 5 ways to wellbeing


Positive relationships are important for keeping up our spirits. Take time to engage with others and express an interest. Making an effort to be sociable and really listen will improve your sense of wellbeing.

  • Embrace the moment and have a chat
  • Ask someone how they are feeling and really listen
  • Speak to someone new and find a shared interest

Be Active

Exercise not only keeps our bodies healthy, it makes us feel good too. Incorporate low-impact physical activity into daily life. Getting out and about or simply moving more will boost your mood.

  • Do some stretches or go for a walk
  • Join a rambling group or running club
  • Organise a group sporting activity

Take Notice

Being mindful and observant allows us to appreciate the world around us. Reflect on what it is you value and make positive choices. Savouring the moment and enjoying the environment will enhance your self-understanding.

  • Explore your local area and visit new places
  • Appreciate nature and wildlife
  • Think how other people might be feeling

Keep Learning

Gaining new skills or developing existing talents enhances self-esteem and builds confidence. Set a goal, make a plan and learn something new. Continued learning throughout life will satisfy your curiosity and encourage social interaction.

  • Keep up with the news
  • Research a subject
  • Sign up for a course or class


Sharing our time, energy, knowledge or wealth gives us purpose and makes us feel valued.  Participation in social and community life will increase your wellbeing and make you feel good. Committing an act of kindness not only makes someone else happy but boosts your own wellbeing too.

  • Compliment or praise someone
  • Offer your help or assistance
  • Get involved with a community project

These are just some examples of how we can all do simple, daily actions that help maintain our wellbeing. For more information about mental wellbeing, download Mind’s guide: improve and maintain your mental wellbeing (PDF)

Be part of the movement

Through the use of social media and word of mouth we want spread the message about the 5 ways to wellbeing and make Lancashire the beacon county in our quest for mental wellbeing for all.

You can help by sharing your experiences and letting others know about the wealth of opportunities Lancashire has to offer in supporting mental health and wellbeing.

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