We are Lancashire Mind; our vision is Mental Wellbeing for All
We revolutionise attitudes, challenge perceptions and alter provision

We work in partnership with others to provide training and support, and campaign locally to make your mental wellbeing a priority. Mental health conditions are not barriers to playing an active role in society and negative perceptions should be challenged. We believe that prevention is the solution, that everyone can achieve Mental Wellbeing and resilience is the key to sustaining it. Our work helps people in Lancashire to value and take care of their mental health.

Building Resilient Communities

With 50% of mental health conditions developing before the age of 14 building resilience from an early age is central to the work we do.

We support people to develop resilience through workplace training and our schools programme ‘Bounce Forward’, working with communities to embed resilience in all that they do.

All of us can build up our resilience by expanding our social networks and learning the skills to nurture our wellbeing and develop a positive outlook. Our ability to cope with tough times, to bounce forward, is not set in stone. By ‘weather-proofing’ our mental wellbeing we can build our resilience, so we are better able to cope with life’s challenges

Courses for Schools  |  Training at Work

Overcoming Barriers

Mental wellbeing is more than the absence of a mental health condition, it’s universal and about our ability to feel good and function well.

We work with people to manage and improve their mental wellbeing through our Tenancy Support and Wellbeing Coach services, adopting a joined up approach with other care services.

There are simple things we can all do to improve our own mental wellbeing, as well as support people living with a mental health condition. As a high level of mental wellbeing will help someone to better manage a mental health condition it also enables us to be self motivated and look after and value our health and happiness.

Wellbeing Coaching  |  Independent Living

Passionate People

Everyone who works for and with Lancashire Mind is fuelled by passion and the belief that achieving mental wellbeing will reduce the occurrence of mental health conditions. Using this passion we’re creating a happier Lancashire by sharing simple steps to improve wellbeing.

Inspiring change

We portray mental health in a positive light and take a ‘can do’ approach in everything we do. The challenging of misconceptions is embedded throughout our projects, we support anti-stigma campaigns as part of our activities and have pledged to end mental health discrimination with ‘time to change’.
Visit the time to change website

Pioneering Partnerships

At Lancashire Mind we are supportive of the good work that is going on across the county and believe it would not be appropriate to copy or compete with what is already in place and working well. Instead we work in partnership to encourage new approaches and ways of thinking, ensuring mental health is promoted as prominently as physical health.

Together we can

Mental wellbeing for all is achievable by working together. Our work is currently supported by the following organisations: