Right now, at least 1 in 6 workers are experiencing stress, anxiety and depression, which means supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is everyone's business. No matter your organisation's size, there are steps you can take to improve wellbeing in your workplace.

As a local, Lancashire based organisation, Lancashire Mind can relate to your business and workforce, plus we benefit from our close working relationship with national mental health charity, Mind, who have a team dedicated to developing workplace wellbeing.

Our workplace interventions are evidence based and are delivered by experienced and passionate trainers and coaches. They will work with you to improve wellbeing in the workplace to help your business thrive.

The cost to UK employers of poor mental health in the workplace is between £42 - £45 billion each year (Mental health and employers: Refreshing the case for investment, Deloitte, January 2020). The largest contributor to these costs is presenteeism, people attending work whilst ill and therefore not performing at their full ability.

You can reduce these costs for your business, increase productivity and reduce staff turnover by working with Lancashire Mind to equip your managers and wider staff team with increased awareness of mental health and the tools you need to not only prevent poor mental health but to provide people with a workplace that contributes positively to their mental health.

Thriving Workplaces

Suicide Prevention

We are pleased to be able to offer funded places on a range of suicide prevention courses thanks to Lancashire & South Cumbria Integrated Care System who have received funding from NHS England to deliver a suicide prevention programme. Funded places will be available until end of March 2021, use the form below to enquire about this opportunity for you or your workplace.

Coronavirus Update

'Furlough', 'Working from Home', 'Frontline Workers' and 'Redundancies'. These are words which have popped up more and more often since March when the country experienced a full lock-down due to COVID-19. Every single person in the UK has been affected by the pandemic in some way and it's not surprising to see mental health being affected, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Here at Lancashire Mind, we are passionate about workplace wellbeing and we know how important it is to support everyone at work, no matter how the pandemic has altered our way of life. We've created two resource packs for Lancashire businesses - one for employers and one for employees - both contain lots of information, tips and tools for supporting mental health and wellbeing at work. To request your free packs, email [email protected]

Enquire about training

Thriving Workplaces

Our services provide support at every stage of your workplace wellbeing journey to improve health, wellbeing and performance

Thriving Schools

Our range of school specific services will help you take a whole school approach to wellbeing and resilience

Mentally Healthy Workplace Forum

Come together with likeminded organisations to share good practice around mental health in the workplace

Annual conference

We have a fantastic line up for our virtual full day event on Thursday 4th February 2021 to support Time To Change's 'Time To Talk' campaign
Lancashire Mind is a company limited by guarantee (company number 3888655) and a registered charity in England and Wales (registered number 1081427) at 80-82 Devonshire Road, Chorley, Lancs, PR7 2DR. Lancashire Mind are registered with the Fundraising Regulator. For all enquiries, call us on 01257 231660.
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