How I'm using the five ways to wellbeing to look after my mental health

When will you ever learn?

When will you ever learn? I’ve certainly heard that from my parents a few times over the years and often with good reason. To answer the question - now would be a good time to learn. In fact as we are all locked down at the moment there’s probably no better time to learn and as learning is one of the five ways to mental wellbeing it really can be a win win.

So what have I been learning? Well one thing I have learned recently is that if you’re cycling along a country lane keep your mouth shut. I’ve lost count of the number of flies I’ve swallowed. Still they are supposed to be very nutritious.

On a more serious note I have stepped up my learning. First of all I am continuing to play my guitar. The lockdown has given me more time to practice and learn a few new techniques. Don’t get me wrong I still make an awful sound but as the saying goes it’s not how you sound when you play it’s how you feel. Certainly I enjoy playing my guitar and find it a great form of relaxation.

I am also four weeks into a Welsh language course. Why Welsh? Well during last Summer my wife and I decided to retire to Wales and we had set the wheels in motion but this has had to be put on hold during the current crisis. I should also mention that my wife is a fluent Welsh speaker and I think she’s always hoped I would learn a bit of Welsh. A second language is always useful and there are plenty of free courses on line covering a whole range of languages.So I thrash at my guitar and I stumble along with my Welsh but over the last four weeks I’ve learnt new guitar chords and my Welsh vocabulary has gone from zero to over 50 words. 

It’s surprising how easy it is to devote time to learning when you can see yourself making progress albeit in my case very slowly.

Well what about you, have you been learning anything new? There’s plenty of opportunities out there and if you have been learning something new then we’d love to hear about it at Lancashire Mind. Why not drop us an email to tell us about it. A couple of accompanying photos would be even better.

I wish you well and keep safe


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