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Service Care Solutions have partnered with Lancashire Mind to provide a workplace wellbeing service.

In March, we worked with recruitment agency, Service Care Solutions, to conduct a wellbeing survey with their employees. Three quarters of staff responded to the survey, which helped to build a picture of wellbeing across the workforce.

We provided Service Care Solutions with some key statistics from the survey, which showed that 90% of employees are happy at work and 80% of people were experiencing average or above average wellbeing. It also showed that more than 40% of people have a lived experience of poor mental health, either directly or by supporting someone experiencing poor mental health. The survey showed that 1 in 5 people were currently supporting someone experiencing poor mental health.

Service Care Solutions recognise just how important it is to support wellbeing in the workplace, especially in their busy, fast paced environment. This has led to them becoming the first business to trial Lancashire Mind’s drop-in wellbeing service for workplaces. This service provides a Wellbeing Coach on a regular basis, who attends the workplace and offers 30-minute slots for staff, helping them to identify wellbeing goals and exploring the steps that can be taken to reach these goals.

Read more about Service Care Solutions partnership with Lancashire Mind on the Service Care Solutions website.

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