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The engagement and inclusion team, works across all of Lancashire; supporting, listening and developing the counties knowledge and ability to achieve positive mental health and wellbeing.

In our pursuit of community wellbeing, we embark on a journey through Lancashire, harnessing the power of information and community insights. We aim to understand the diverse nature of Lancashire, identifying unique mental health needs and inequalities across the county.

Hand in hand with local organisations, we forge partnerships to deepen our understanding of Lancashire’s communities. Our aim is to ensure that services not only become accessible but resonate with the true pulse of the people, addressing the specific mental health needs they face. We believe in the strength of collective voices. Our approach involves creating opportunities for co-production, weaving in the invaluable expertise of those who have experienced poor mental health in their life. Together, we shape a narrative of resilience and shared understanding.

Professionals & Organisations

What we can offer

  • Knowledge of the VCFSE sector, specifically mental health services.
  • Support to develop genuine co-production.
  • Ability to engage with communities across Lancashire to develop an understanding of needs and current gaps.
  • Workshops
  • Community Wellbeing Challenge

In our quest for a happier Lancashire, we dare to innovate. We explore new ground, testing new ideas to better meet the diverse mental health and wellbeing needs of our community. Our commitment extends to reaching all of Lancashire, anyone who requires our support or wishes to have say in how mental health services are developed.

Shape our services

Frequently asked questions

Are we willing to share our insights and knowledge with other organisations?

Yes. Of course! If you are interested in any of the work we do please email us and we will support you in any way we can.

How much does support from Lancashire Mind’s engagement and inclusion team cost?

We often work on funded projects through successful bids and grants; therefore we can offer the majority of our services within the funding parameters. If the support you require is a long-term piece of work that falls outside of our funding, then we are always keen to discuss partnership working.

How can people with lived experience get involved?

We are developing different ways for people to use their lived experience to help Lancashire Mind develop existing and design new services, to ensure we’re meeting the needs of local people. For more information go to the Shape our Services page.

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