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We want people’s lived experience to be at the centre of designing, shaping and improving our services.

What is lived experience?

If you have had poor mental health or have supported someone with poor mental health, you have lived experience. This experience means that you understand what it is like to live with poor mental health. You might have had good and bad experiences when trying to access support. You will have ideas for how services can be improved or adapted. Your experience and ideas can help to make sure that Lancashire Mind’s services work well for the people who use them.

How does Lancashire Mind use lived experience?

By involving and listening to people with lived experience, we can design and develop better services together. We have staff, volunteers and trustees with lived experience who help to shape our services but it’s important that we gather lots of different experiences, views and ideas.

To do this, we have several ways for people in Lancashire to get involved:


If you use one of our services, you can give feedback. We’d love to hear what you think about the service and what we can do to improve it. You can either speak to the member of staff who works with you or send us a message.

Focus groups

We often hold focus groups, either to help us develop our own services or to gather information to help shape others, such as NHS mental health services. If you’d be interested in taking part in a focus group, you can request to receive invites by email.

Lived experiences – Share your story

Help us to raise awareness of mental health and gather a range of experiences by sharing your story. We use people’s stories on our website and social media channels to show how people experience and manage their mental health.

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