Lancashire Mind launch five year strategy.

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Mental health charity Lancashire Mind have launched their new strategy, which outlines the direction of their work over the next five years.

The highly-regarded charity has spoken with hundreds of people across Lancashire to gain their views about mental health, to inform and shape their strategy.

Lancashire Mind’s CEO Tommy McIlravey said: “We’ve reached out to a diverse range of individuals, families, and communities from right across the county and it was really interesting to hear their thoughts and opinions.

“People are at the front and centre of what we do so it’s vitally important we listen to and work with them to develop our service offering. We’ve listened to what they need and require, and not assumed we know what’s needed.”

Lancashire Mind have always advocated for the best possible mental health and wellbeing outcomes for all people across Lancashire and this has informed their four key values of being – Real, Bold, Open and Caring.

Tommy continued: ”Everyone deserves the right to good mental health and we cannot deny the massive impact of Covid-19 on people’s lives and mental health over the past two years.

“In these extremely challenging times people are looking for more support to improve and manage their mental health. The strain on an already overstretched NHS has meant that access to some services is extremely difficult and is taking a long time – we want to be able to help in these circumstances as well.

“But what we also heard was the value people placed on the preventative work we do, to support people to stay mentally healthy, and this is very encouraging.”

Lancashire Mind will be doing a more formal launch of their strategy later this month and will continue conversations with people across Lancashire, particularly those people and communities whose voices are heard less often.

They will work with people and organisations in Lancashire, to create a Lancashire where everyone can have the best mental health and wellbeing possible.

Download the strategy document to learn more about Lancashire Mind’s plans and ambitions for the next five years.

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