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Sky News visit Blackpool school to film Lancashire Mind’s Bounce Forward programme in action.

Lancashire Mind’s Bounce Forward team were filmed by Sky News on Friday. They were delivering their final session in Park Community Academy School, where they have been working with pupils to help them improve their ability to cope in tough times.

Sky News were producing an article on the Resilience Revolution that has been happening in Blackpool and which Bounce Forward is a part of.

By the end of 2019, Lancashire Mind will have delivered the programme in every school in Blackpool. It’s part of the National Lottery Head Start programme, led by Blackpool Council.

Bounce Forward is a universal resilience programme, which aims to:

  • promote and raise awareness of mental wellbeing for children and young people
  • teach children and young people about resilience
  • give children and young people practical coping strategies they can apply to increase their ability to ‘bounce forward’ in tough times

The programme is fully curriculum linked and delivered through a series of 1-hour sessions for whole classes.

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