Listening to feedback from people who use Lancashire Mind services helps us to continually improve and adapt to make sure we're doing the right thing.

But, we don't just want to hear from people already using our services, we'd love to hear from anyone in Lancashire who has thoughts and ideas about the work we do now or what you'd like to see us offer in future. Tell us anything that you think could be helpful in shaping the services we provide.

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You said, we did

Here are some examples of the things people told us or asked for in 2022 and 2023, and what we did in response:

Fundraising asked for
We did
Invite schools and groups to join in for a reduced fee.
This year we are offering a Mental Elf school product so that the event is more accessible to schools who want to join us on the day at Witton Park or take part remotely from the school.  
Training asked for
We did
We listened to the challenges businesses were facing in relation to resources, time, mental wellbeing and people management, along with all the good work taking place across the county.
We therefore created the Lancashire Wellbeing Business Network to bring employers together in a cost effective, accessible and meaningful way to access resources, celebrate each other, share learning and knowledge and improve the health and wellbeing of businesses and employees across Lancashire.
Through engaging with parents through our You and Your Child parent workshop, we recognised the complex challenges parents were facing that were impacting emotional wellbeing and relationships at home.  Neurodiversity was one of those challenges.  To support parents, we created neurodivergent wellbeing packs for children and young people, recognising those different experiences. To support parents we created a pack for 'parents of' neurodivergent children and young people, tailoring our tips and tools in recognition that they too may be neurodivergent or facing different challenges that parents of non-neurodivergent children and young people may not experience.
Wellbeing Coaching
We did
Safeguarding information wasn't easy to understand and you said you were worried what would happen next if you raised any concernsWith service users, we developed a safeguarding leaflet explaining safeguarding in plain English.
Adult Services asked for
We did
The image of a piggy bank on the Money and Me leaflet isn't culturally appropriateWe changed the image and reprinted the leaflets.
Children and Young People's Services asked for
We did
Young people said that they wanted Wellbeing Ambassador Training to be more interactive throughout the day .We reviewed the sessions and broke up the sections with practical activities. The feedback was much better.
Some young people need additional support beyond the standard six sessions of wellbeing coaching.We are flexible in our approach and offer additional sessions as needed. For example, a young person was very anxious about going back to school after the holidays. The coach has booked in additional sessions with her both before and after the return to school.
Tenants asked for
We did
Suggestion cards for their feedback, ideas and reporting repairsAll tenants were given suggestion cards within 6 weeks of asking
A newsletter with updates and information about Lancashire Mind's servicesThe Tenancy Management Team developed a quarterly newsletter, including all Lancashire Mind services and how to get involved
More activities and social events
The first social event took place in March 2020. More were planned but we had to pause these due to Covid-19
An opportunity to meet all tenancy staff, not just their key worker
The Tenancy team shadowed each other for appointments in February and March 2020 so tenants could meet everyone
Bounce Forward clients asked for
We did
Shorter activities for Year 5 teachers self-delivering Bounce Forward so they can fit them into their week (Autumn 2018)
The Bounce Forward team split the programme of ten 1-hour sessions into shorter 30 minute activities for inclusion in the Teacher's Resource Pack (Jan 2019)
Children asked for Session 4 to be more practical and less booklet orientated (Sep 2018)
The team co-produced a new session with the Young People's Executive Group to include more practical activities that give the children something tangible to take with them (Jan 2019)
Children fed back that the new surveys created by Head Start were too long, too upsetting and a bit intense for 9-10-year olds (Jan 2019)
The team took this feedback to the Head Start Lead, they initially wanted to continue with the survey but agreed to more to a shorter, validated and child-friendly survey from September 2019
Several teachers gave feedback that they would like to see a more in-depth session from the Basics be created surrounding the topic ‘Not Being Judged’ (Oct 2019)
A bespoke session was created based around the Resilient Move: Not Being Judged – it included discrimination, prejudice, respect and self-respect (Dec 2019)
Wellbeing Coach clients asked for
We did
More flexible appointment times and longer sessions
The Wellbeing Coach Team agreed to earlier/later sessions to fit in with work commitments and offered longer appointments on request
Flexibility with the structure of sessions to ensure the best outcomes for individuals
Wellbeing Coaches adapt to the needs of the client whilst ensuring they cover all necessary steps and interventions within the time frame of the six sessions
Training delegates said
We did
It would be useful to have signposting information on slides, plus contact numbers and resources to take away after the Suicide Awareness SeminarThe Workplace Wellbeing and Training Team ensured this was included in all future seminars
Lancashire community groups asked for
We did
The Wellbeing Challenge to be offered in community settings for different age groups
The Community Development Team adapted the programme and successfully attracted funding from BUPA UK Foundation to pilot the programme with 30 to 50 year olds
Happier Lancashire talks on the five ways to wellbeing to be more widely available
The team adapted the programme to keep it as a universal offer but more accessible for a wider rage of communities and age groups

Shape our services

Lancashire Mind is a company limited by guarantee (company number 3888655) and a registered charity in England and Wales (registered number 1081427) at 80-82 Devonshire Road, Chorley, Lancs, PR7 2DR. Lancashire Mind are registered with the Fundraising Regulator. For all enquiries, call us on 01257 231660.
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