Community Wellbeing Challenge

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What is the Community Wellbeing Challenge?

Community Wellbeing Challenge is for people who want to know more about keeping themselves mentally well and who want to promote mental wellbeing in their community, as well as developing their own project management skills.

You’ll join a team of around 10 people. Over twelve weeks you will learn about mental wellbeing, survey your local community, and develop an asset or project for your community that will promote mental wellbeing.

You will then be supported to launch this asset and to make it sustainable.

During the challenge you will:  

  • Develop mental health awareness and explore wellbeing
  • Asset map the community
  • Create and analyse a survey
  • Explore ideas and empower your current skills
  • Present your idea to local people
  • Project management and planning next steps
  • Promoting your asset and making it a reality
  • Reflect on your journey and asset
  • Develop a sustainability plan

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