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Supporting the people of Lancashire to develop the skills and confidence to manage your mental health when you experience money problems.

This service aims to give you the skills and confidence to manage your mental health when you experience money problems. We hope the sessions give you the opportunity to talk to someone and the service materials empower you to learn more about mental health and money. The navigators will also connect you into other local services that you might find helpful.

Details about the Service

Money & Me is an 6-week program delivered 1:1 to individuals across Lancashire.
It has been specifically designed to offer you tools and support in understanding the impact that money can have on your mental health and wellbeing.

Over the 6-week period we can look at the below topics depending on what is important to you:

  • Your relationship with money, understanding how worry, uncertainty and anxiety can play a part.
  • Talk about taking the first steps towards the goals we set for you together and different ways to approach these, being kind to yourself but still aiming for results.

Examine therapeutic spending understanding why we do it, how it can have a place in our lives positively, but also how we can look for other things which give us the same if not more benefits to our wellbeing.

  • Practice how we talk about money, being able to have difficult conversations can be helpful in making positive steps towards your relationship with money.

There is space in the program to look at other areas such as setting budgets or gaining a deeper understanding of why we may feel the way we do and we will tailor this towards your personal or the group’s needs. You will work with a Navigator who will also be able to signpost you to other options for money or mental health support and walk alongside you while you access these.  We work through the tools together and check understanding to ensure you can take positive steps forward both now and also feel in a good place to maintain the balance to your mental wellbeing in the future.


Aims of the Service

In a survey conducted by Mind between Jan-Apr 2021 (1,166 participants) we discovered these facts.

Because of this the Money & Me service has been developed as a wellbeing program to help people where money is impacting their wellbeing and vice versa. These are 2 very emotive and wide-reaching areas in our lives.

We know that practical support around various issues with money already exists (although it’s not always obvious and can be overwhelming) and there are routes of support for wellbeing, however there is a gap in connecting the two.

"I found it very beneficial with lots of practical advice and support so I think that a lot more people could benefit from this, especially if their mental health is affected due to their spending habits or money/debt worries."

Accessing the Service

The program is open to all residents of Lancashire aged 16+

It can be delivered:

  • 1:1 to individuals
  • virtually or in person, please note that some areas of Lancashire are offered virtually only unless by specific request
  • in office hours or, at request, in evenings

To ask any additional questions or refer into the service please contact us:

Money & Me