Shine for Sian raises record amount for Lancashire Mind

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£40,000 raised for Lancashire Mind in memory of Morecambe teenager, Sian Waterhouse.

The family of Morecambe teenager Sian Waterhouse have raised almost £40,000 for Lancashire Mind in memory of Sian who died by suicide in 2018.

This is the largest amount anyone has every raised for Lancashire Mind. Shortly after Sian’s death, her parents Paul and Ann, along with family and friends, organised a Shine for Sian extravaganza and since then have organised numerous events and activities in their home town and beyond.

But, it isn’t just the fundraising that’s helped Lancashire Mind, it’s the fact that the family have spent so much time in their local community raising awareness about mental health.

Sian’s dad, Paul and his wife Lorraine, have set up two peer support groups to bring together men and women in a safe environment where they can talk to each other about their experiences.

Their dedication to bringing attention to the needs of people in Morecambe and further afield in north Lancashire has meant that Lancashire Mind have been able to do more work in this area.

Sian’s family are continuing to fundraise and recently organised a sky dive, which saw more than 30 people jumping out of a plane in memory of Sian on Saturday 31st August. Lancashire Mind have committed to making this an annual event, with a date for the Shine for Sian Sky Dive 2020 already set.

We’d like to thank the family and the wider Morecambe community who have taken part in the fundraising events for their continued support.

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