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Mental health charity Lancashire Mind has launched its Wellbeing Business Network to help employers better support their workforces.

The network, open to employers across Lancashire, aims to help businesses learn from others and to introduce a range of organisations that can provide support when it comes to mental health.
According to a CIPD Health and Wellbeing report, 79% of respondents cited stress as the biggest cause of workplace absence, with workload being the leading factor.

Yet one in five respondents to the survey, which analysed responses from 668 UK organisations, reported their organisation was taking no action to tackle stress or wellbeing at work.

Karen Arrowsmith, Workplace Wellbeing and Training Lead at Lancashire Mind, said: “There has been progress in recent years amongst employers around mental health and wellbeing and there is an increasing awareness that good mental health is as crucial as good physical health.
“All this is great news but it’s not the whole story and there is always room for improvement. Many employers just aren’t sure where to start and our Wellbeing Business Network is here to help fill the gap between good intentions and actual delivery.”

The Wellbeing Network offers employers access to an online knowledge bank of resources focused on mental health and wellbeing at work, a place to share ideas, challenges and success with other professionals and access to discounted mental health training and services.
Rachael Sharpe, Occupational Health from Leyland Trucks who have signed up to the Business Network said: “We are pleased to be able to compliment the services we currently offer to our employees at Leyland Trucks.
“Being a member of the Lancashire Business Wellbeing Network allows for this and as a responsible employer, we have a significant part to play in increasing awareness and understanding of mental health. This allows our staff to positively affect their own wellbeing and be aware of how to access support and services, which can assist them and their families.”

Meetings are bi-monthly, with a mix of virtual and face to face. Members will also receive a membership badge to use online on websites or LinkedIn profiles and a certificate to display in your place of work.

Karen added: “Working with a mental health charity can help you to re-think your company’s approach to mental health and develop a strategy that positions you as a forward-thinking employer and demonstrate you have the best interests of your staff at heart.

“Introducing the topic of mental health into the workplace can help boost staff morale and productivity. If your employees feel you can recognise the issues they face you can work together to stop them escalating and help keep valuable members of staff in the workplace.

“Prioritising workplace wellbeing and linking up with a mental health charity is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense.”

For further information go to Lancashire Wellbeing Business Network

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