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Lancashire Mind and partners celebrate pupil-led wellbeing activities in high schools across Lancashire.

A day for celebration

On 3rd July, Lancashire Mind hosted the third Wellbeing Challenge Awards, sponsored this year by Fredericks Ice Cream. The annual event, which was held at Ribby Hall, brings together young people and teachers from schools across Lancashire to celebrate the achievements of those who have taken part in this year’s Wellbeing Challenge.

Wellbeing Challenge, is a Lancashire Mind programme, currently funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and delivered in partnership with Key Unlocking Futures, Positive Action in the Community and Think Forward CIC. The programme is aimed at students in Year 8/9, bringing together a small group of young people and empowering them to make a difference to the wellbeing of the whole school.

Clark Carlisle talks about his experience of mental health

We were delighted to be joined by special guests, Clarke and Carrie Carlisle, who are inspiring and proactive ambassadors for mental health.

Every young person who participated in this year’s Wellbeing Challenge received an award of recognition for their inspiring contribution to improving wellbeing in Lancashire schools.

There were seven special awards up for grabs and the winners were…

Fertile Frog Award for Service Design

This year’s winner is The Rose School in Burnley.

The project created by Challengers at The Rose School was called ‘The Rose Road to the Future’ and involved an alternative careers event, promoting the idea that no matter your background or the career path you take, you can all still be successful. A range of speakers who had experienced behavioural difficulties came to speak to the pupils about how they turned their difficulties into successful, creative and often non-traditional careers.

What the judges said about this project: “The slogan ‘ambition to be a better me’ is a very original idea and really embodied the school’s passion to improve their own reputation. The branding was accompanied by personalised invitations which the judge’s thought were very unique.”

ICG Award for Creativity and Innovation

This year’s winner is St. Christopher’s C of E High School in Accrington.

These ambitious Challengers set out to develop a process and an event, focusing on the creation of a ‘Wellbeing Committee’ and ‘The Year 8 Wellbeing and Food Day’. Sessions planned for the day included a comfort food cookery workshop and an old-time barn dance!

What the judges said about this project: “It was an original and innovative idea to link food and wellbeing. It showed that the pupils have thought deeply about their project. We particularly loved the five activities and would have loved a picture of the barn dance!”

Fredericks Ice Cream Award for Sustainability

This year’s winner is Witton Park Academy in Blackburn

Pupils decided that in order to improve wellbeing, a longer lunchtime would be beneficial for both staff and students. The group put together a strong case to change the timetable and facilitate a longer lunch break. The group prepared an indepth and professional presentation, which they delivered to three members of the senior leadership team. They succeeded in gaining a voice in ongoing consultations on the school day. They have also been asked to facilitate a new set of lunchtime wellbeing clubs in the new school year.

What the judges said about the project: “The planning of this project showed the best sustainability, which encouraged pupils to lead sessions during the longer lunch. This shows ownership and future training of pupils to keep the lunchtime activities going.”

Leyland Trucks Award for Improvement to School Wellbeing

This year’s winner is Clitheroe Royal Grammar School in Ribble Valley.

Wellbeing Challengers at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School came up with the idea of a Year 9 Wellbeing Day, where the five periods of the school day would be made up of a session representing each of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing. Activities included, a retro sports day, culture rooms and creation of cards and cakes to deliver to local care homes. The wellbeing day will continue to be delivered in the school each year so that all students who come through the school will benefit from the hard work of our 2019 Challengers.

What the judges said about this project: “It was a great idea to have each session matching the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, fantastic to give something back to the community and to see how many staff and pupils were involved in organising and running the day was inspiring.”

MotorPoint Wellbeing Challenge Award

This year’s winner is All Saints Catholic High School in Rossendale

The project was named ‘Student Voice – Rewards Camp’ and focused on the student’s passionate belief in revising the school rewards system. Students did not feel the current system was fair and undertook extensive research in order to pitch to the senior leadership team. The group established a Student Voice and ensured that an inclusive and diverse reward system was put in place.

What the judges said about the project: “This project was led by a mature team who displayed compassion, selflessness and inclusivity throughout everything they did.”

EPSL Educational Printing Award for Supportive Teacher

This year’s winner is Mrs Barlow from Tarleton Academy

The Wellbeing Challengers at Tarleton Academy worked on three issues: improving communication between tutors and tutees, worry/anxiety, and the transition from primary school to high school. Solutions included an Online Worry Box, managed by the Head and Deputy Head teachers, and a buddy system run by Year 9 pupils

What the judges said: “It was clear that Mrs Barlow has dedicated her time and energy to the project, despite her own very busy role. It was clear she invested in the project and inspired the pupils to continue long after the formal sessions had finished.”

The Sian Waterhouse Award

This year’s winner is Daisy Stone from Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

What Daisy’s peers and teachers had to say about her: “Daisy is the most caring, empathetic and conscientious of students. She is a rather quiet character who has emerged as a confident, motivated and inspiring role model to her peers. Daisy continues to be a great friend to those carrying emotional difficulties on a daily basis. She is always on hand to listen to her friends and offer advice, or even just her immaculate smile to make them feel better. Daisy encourages others to be themselves and be proud of their own uniqueness. Daisy is a shining star of CRGS.”

Lancashire Mind and our delivery partners are extremely proud of all of this year’s Challengers who have made such a difference for their school community. We can’t wait to see what next year’s Challengers will develop for their own schools!

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