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Our Parent Workshops are aimed to support YOU in supporting your child or young person.

If you’re looking to engage with your child around their mental health, or need help with having difficult conversations – Lancashire Mind are here to provide support. Whether you’re struggling to talk about self harm or needing some resources to look after the wellbeing of your neurodiverse child.

We understand how challenging it can feel for a parent or carer of a child or young person who is struggling with their mental health or self-harm. Managing those emotions, understanding warning signs, communicating your concerns, and attending to your child or young person’s mental health and wellbeing, alongside your own; can feel overwhelming.

We currently offer two workshops:

Delivered in the evening virtually, via zoom, our workshops offer a safe space and anonymity to share your experience whilst learning new techniques to support yourself and your child or young person.

  • Together Workshop: You and Your Young Person/strong
  • Together Workshop: Understanding Self-Injury

"I attended both the together workshops, understanding self-injury and you and your young person. Attending the workshops has helped me in supporting my child as they have provided a wider understanding and improved our communication."

Register your interest or join a workshop

These workshops are for parents or carer’s of children or young people who struggle with their mental health and/or self-harm behavior.

Please contact if you have any questions or would like to register your interest for future workshops. You can also see our current workshops through our upcoming training and events hub.

If you are concerned about your Child or Young person's mental health, if you feel they cannot keep themself safe, if you notice a change or decline in the way they present, always seek professional advice from your GP, NHS 111 service, Your CAHM’s Practitioner or your local Accident and emergency department.

For Decorative Purposes Only

"For Parents and Carers considering attending the workshops in the future I would say: Be open and honest about your struggles because nobody in the workshop will judge, only support, and help you with their own experiences."

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