How I'm using the five ways to wellbeing to look after my mental health

We’ve got so much more to give

These are certainly difficult times. Incomes have been reduced and for some even putting food on the table is a struggle. So, for me to say it’s a great time to increase giving may seem somewhat insensitive. Giving is one of the five ways to mental wellbeing promoted by Lancashire Mind and there really is no better time to give.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to give a financial donation to the charity of your choice I’m sure they’ll be sincerely grateful as all charities are finding it difficult at the moment. For most of us however our finances have been hit hard and spare cash isn’t available at the moment. But, giving doesn’t need to be financial; often the best gifts in the world cost nothing at all. 

So, how have I worked giving into my routine during lockdown? Well we can start with this blog which is one of the things I do as a volunteer with Lancashire Mind. I like to think people get enjoyment from reading my blogs but if I’m honest producing the blog and getting the feedback does me the world of good. I have also become an NHS volunteer recently as well and to help someone in isolation is very rewarding. I appreciate that volunteering isn’t for everyone but if you could spare a few hours now and then most charities will welcome you with open arms.

If volunteering really isn’t your cup of tea there are still plenty of ways in which you can give even during this period of lockdown. I have elderly relatives, some live on their own whilst others are having to self isolate through illness. Fortunately their shopping and prescriptions have been taken care of by some kind people in their neighbourhood but they are still feeling lonely and vulnerable. My wife and I put in a call to each of these relatives every few days just for a quick chat. It costs us nothing but they never seem to stop telling us how much they appreciate it which in turn gives us a lift. Even a friendly wave and a smile to someone passing makes me feel good when it is returned. Even the smallest kindness is a gift.

There are always opportunities for kindness but sadly I’m not perfect and have often let these opportunities slip by. Sometimes too busy, sometimes oblivious, sometimes reticent; the reasons are endless, but I still get a tinge of regret and the feeling that I am the one who has missed out. Going forward I’ll seek out those opportunities and make the most of them   After all it’s for my own good too.So that’s giving as a way of looking after my own wellbeing. 

It really is a win win. I’ll end this week’s blog with a bit of a challenge. I challenge you to seek out those opportunities for kindness and act on them. If you are particularly proud of something you’ve been able to do please let us know here at Lancashire Mind so we can all share your achievement.

I wish you well and keep safe


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