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Author – Lauren McAteer 

Lancashire Mind Celebrates Volunteers Week with Community Activities and Heartfelt Appreciation

By celebrating Volunteers Week with creativity, connection, and appreciation, Lancashire Mind has once again highlighted the key role of volunteers in building stronger, healthier communities. 

Lancashire Mind marked Volunteers Week with a series of inspiring events, highlighting the incredible contributions of their volunteers and the broader community. The week-long celebration not only showcased the invaluable work of volunteers but also underscored the essential role they play in promoting mental health and well-being. 

The week kicked off with a burst of creativity, as dedicated volunteer Ali generously donated her time and energy to whitewashing a spare room at Lancashire Mind’s office. Her efforts laid the groundwork for the renowned Preston artist Shawn Sharpe to transform the space. Drawing inspiration from the calmness of nature’s muted colours, Shawn created a stunning mural covering three walls, featuring serene scenes of foliage, florals, and birds. This beautiful artwork now serves as a safe and relaxing space, reflecting the therapeutic power of nature and creativity. 

On Wednesday, June 6th, Lancashire Mind hosted its first-ever volunteer fair at Primrose Garden’s in Chorley. The event saw participation from eight local non-profit organisations, providing an engaging platform for members of the local community to learn about the benefits of volunteering. Attendees enjoyed tea or coffee while discussing various volunteer opportunities and the positive impact volunteers make. The event was a resounding success, fostering connections and raising awareness about the vital role of volunteers in the community. To extend the reach of this initiative, a compilation of volunteer role descriptions was subsequently sent to local job centres, colleges, and councils. 

The week finished with a heartfelt Jacob’s Join event, where Lancashire Mind invited volunteers to celebrate their dedication and amazing efforts. This gathering was a testament to the sense of community and appreciation that underpins the charity’s work. 

Volunteering is vital for the health and cohesion of communities. Volunteers bring diverse skills and perspectives, enriching the services and support networks available to those in need. Their efforts not only strengthen community initiatives but also enhance their own wellbeing. By staying active, finding purpose, and forming connections, volunteers can improve their mental health. 

Lancashire Mind’s Volunteers Week celebrations were a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of volunteering. The charity’s ongoing efforts to engage and appreciate their volunteers continue to strengthen community bonds and promote mental well-being for all. 

The Value of Volunteering

Volunteering is essential for charities like Lancashire Mind. They bring diverse skills and perspectives that enrich our services and provide additional support.

As we reflect on the celebrations of Volunteers Week, we are grateful for the dedication and passion of our individual and corporate volunteers.

Get Involved

If you feel inspired to make a difference in your community, consider becoming a volunteer with Lancashire Mind. Visit our volunteer hub: to learn more about the various opportunities available and how you can contribute to promoting better mental health for all.

Thank you to all our volunteers for your incredible support.


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