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Mental health and resilience for schools and education providers.

As an education provider we know you’re committed to supporting student wellbeing. If you’re seeking to create a culture of support and understanding, Lancashire Mind can help you achieve this through our schools mental health and wellbeing training. Giving your pupils and your team the tools to support themselves and each other.

Putting pupil wellbeing at the heart of your school or education setting

1 in 5 children struggle with the mental health according to NHS England, 2023, which is why it is so important that we embed a culture of support and understanding within an education setting.  With teaching staff balancing education and support, upskilling your team to ensure they have the confidence and tools to support the children and young people in their care.

Suicide prevention

Sometimes we hear things and we are not sure how to respond.  We want to be able to support that child or young person in the best way possible, because in that moment, what we say and how we respond really matters.  Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and building skills around suicide prevention ensures our teams are confident and have the tools to have those difficult conversations.  Youth Suicide First Aid focuses on the wellbeing of children and young people and provides a framework to have those conversations and develop an effective safe plan to support a child or young person in your care.

Training for schools includes:

  • Understanding Our Mental Health and Resilience Seminar
  • Supporting Student Mental Health and Resilience Seminar
  • Understanding Self Harm
  • Self Harm Lunch & Learn
  • Parent seminars

Schools Brochures

Mental health for children and young people

Understanding mental health in relation to children and young people, and how to support that child or young person with those difficult feelings can feel challenging.  Upskilling your team to understand the signs and symptoms and have a framework to support that conversation to ensure you respond, refer or signpost that child or young person to the most appropriate service is a key responsibility within the school environment. Youth Mental Health First Aid focuses on building those skills to have that conversation to encourage positive outcomes for the children or young people in your care.

Embedding mental health and resilience

Embedding a culture of wellbeing and ensuring all your team are speaking from the same voice in relation to mental health changes attitudes and removes stigma around mental health.  Supporting your setting to embrace a culture of understanding and compassion in relation to supporting wellbeing.  Our 2hr workshop supports your team to understand mental health and consider small changes to improve wellbeing in an educational setting.

"The number of children and young people who are experiencing a mental health condition has recently increased from 1 in 10, to 1 in 8. If we can work with children at an early enough age, we can reduce this number."

Staff wellbeing

According to the Teacher Wellbeing Index, 2023, 78% of education staff experience stress, a rise of 3% from 2022.  Supporting staff wellbeing in a challenging environment can be a difficult balance but we believe creating a cultural change to support both staff and pupils can benefit the whole school environment.

Find out how to upskill your team to support other team members.

Planning an inset day?

Lancashire Mind are able to provide short workshops/talks to upskill or support the health and wellbeing of your team.  Looking for a whole day? We can work with you to develop a tailored approach focusing on mental health and wellbeing in a school environment for either staff or students.

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