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Increase your knowledge and understanding of mental health and wellbeing. 

Our training courses are delivered by experienced and dedicated trainers. They are passionate about improving mental health and wellbeing in Lancashire through the delivery of informative, interactive workshops and courses.

Understanding Self Harm

This half day workshop will encourage you to challenge your thinking around self harm and tackle misconceptions and myths around the subject. You will be looking at risk factors, safeguarding, harm minimisation and helpful strategies to support people who self harm. You will walk away with knowledge of how to respond to self harm in a helpful so to encourage engagement and support moving forward.

Self-awareness of Stress, Anxiety and Depression Seminar

his hour-long seminar will raise awareness and understanding of stress, anxiety and depression; and challenge stigma and misconceptions around these experiences. This seminar is often a starting point to encourage individuals to talk about thoughts and feelings and to looking after their mental health in the long term.

Introduction to Resilience

An hour-long seminar to raise awareness of resilience building and provide two practical tools which delegates can embed into their work or personal life to improve their emotional wellbeing. This session will give delegates an insight of how resilience is built over time and is a great foundation seminar to encourage individuals to embed self-care and develop strategies to support long term positive mental wellbeing.

"According to research by NICE, 13.7 million working days are lost each year in the UK because of work-related stress, anxiety and depression, costing £28.3 billion yearly.
Stress Statistics UK | 2023 Data | Champion Health. "

Building Confidence and Self Esteem

A one and a half hour long seminar that aims to encourage learners to build confidence in themselves to improve positive feelings of wellbeing over time.

Self Care for Anxiety

A one and a half hour long seminar that aims to provide information to individuals experiencing anxiety or are supporting individuals who experience anxiety and provides practical tools to manage those feelings.

Goal Setting for Wellbeing

A one and a half hour long seminar that aims to encourage learners to understand the benefits of goal setting from a mental wellbeing perspective and provides tips to support learners to reach their personal goals.

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