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At Lancashire Mind, we are dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing among young people.

Through our Early Intervention Hubs, we are providing comprehensive mental health support for young people across Lancashire.

Our CYP Early Intervention Hubs, located in Burnley, Pendle, Preston, Fleetwood, Blackpool, and Blackburn with Darwen, provide a wide range of accessible and effective mental health services. Funded by the Department of Health and Social Care, our hubs are designed to support young people at the earliest point of need.

Through the Early Intervention Hubs, Lancashire Mind will offer a range of wellbeing services from universal and preventative services to more targeted services for individuals. Young people aged 11-25 will be able to access this face-to-face service, as well as access our virtual wellbeing coaching.

Support Available

Services will differ within each location, here is an example of the services we will be offering:
Hubs are available in the following areas

Burnley, Pendle, Preston, Fleetwood, Blackpool, and Blackburn with Darwen.

The hubs add a range of mental health and wellbeing services to existing community offerings, providing a more comprehensive support network for young people.

For more information on what’s available please contact us:

CYP Hubs Enquiry

The importance of our Hubs

Early Intervention and Prevention

Early access to mental health support can prevent minor issues from escalating into serious conditions. Our hubs focus on early intervention, providing timely help to ensure better long-term outcomes.

Community-Based and Inclusive

By situating our hubs within community venues, we create a welcoming and familiar environment. This approach helps to reduce stigma and encourages young people to seek the support they need.

Benefits of the CYP Hubs

Young People:

We aim to improve the emotional and psychological wellbeing of young people across Lancashire, by providing access to a broad range of mental health services.

Through programmes like Bounce Forward and our Employability Workshops, the Hubs will equip young people with essential life skills and help develop resilience. Better mental health support translates to improved academic performance and healthier social interactions.

Parents, Carers and Families:

By setting up Hubs in established community groups and youth zones, we hope to make support more accessible. Our flexible service options will make it easier for parents, carers and families to get help for their young person.

Guidance and resources will be available to download through our online shop and often featured across our social media; helping parents to better understand and support their young person’s mental health needs whilst reducing parental stress.

Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Through promoting the Hubs to students or making referrals to Lancashire Mind, schools and colleges can help improve their pupil’s wellbeing. Supporting the mental health of students can reduce behavioural challenges and improve their resilience.

Lancashire Mind strives to reduce the stigma around mental health and provide a safe, supportive environment for young people to talk about their experiences and challenges.

Youth Zones and Community Groups:

Lancashire Mind aims to expand local wellbeing services for children and young people through the introduction of the Hubs, these will enhance existing community mental health support.

Find out more!

Whether you’re a young person seeking support, a parent looking for resources, or a community member wanting to make a difference, the CYP Hubs are here for you. Explore our services, join our workshops, or volunteer with us to contribute to a healthier, more resilient Lancashire.

For more information on what’s available please contact us:

CYP Hubs Enquiry

Data collected as part of the Early Intervention Hubs

As part of the data collection for the CYP Early Intervention Hubs, data will be collected from children and young people so they can access our service offer.

Personal information we may collect includes details such as name, date of birth, postal address. Data Protection Law recognises that some categories of personal information are more sensitive. Sensitive Personal Information can include information about a person’s health, race, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

The data we collect will be shared with University College London’s Mental Health Policy Research Unit (UCL) and Department of Health and Social Care who fund this project. All the data that will be shared will be anonymised.

Children and young people over 13 will be able to consent to their own data to be shared under GDPR law, but any child or young person under 13 will need explicit consent from a parent/carer.

Please see our full privacy notice and Lancashire Mind policies for more information.

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